About us

The NeuroSys Future Cluster

The NeuroSys Future Cluster is part of the Clusters4Future initiative funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The vision of our future cluster is to develop innovative hardware for applications in artificial intelligence (AI) and to establish the Aachen region as a world-leading location in this field.

NeuroSys encompasses a broad transdisciplinary spectrum of expertise: Physicists, material and neuroscientists, engineers and computer scientists cover the technical issues and create innovations together with economists. At the same time, experts from the fields of ethics and sociology build a bridge to society and politics. RWTH Aachen University works close with Research Centre Jülich and the NRW State Institute AMO GmbH. Companies and institutions in the greater Aachen area complement the cluster and thus enable a direct transfer from science to industry. This aspect in particular is supported by an advisory board made up of well-known large companies from across the region.

The Projects

Our activities cover the entire value chain and are divided into 5 projects that drive the individual areas forward.

Cross-project collaboration is a particular strength of the cluster, bringing together expertise from different areas and thus enabling the co-design of materials, components, algorithms/hardware and applications. We therefore benefit from a "technology push" from the excellent hardware research on the one hand and an "application pull" from the experts in the field of applications on the other.

In summary, the NeuroSys future cluster brings together all the expertise and infrastructures from science and industry that are needed for the development of future European AI hardware. Our long-term vision is therefore the technological independence of Europe in this ethically and economically sensitive area.


Innovations in all relevant social and economic areas are increasingly being driven by microelectronics in global competition. Germany will only be able to assert itself here if it has its own AI hardware with a European character. The NeuroSys cluster will be the nucleus for this development.

As software, AI already dominates areas such as computer vision and speech processing. However, innovative new hardware concepts are needed to efficiently implement applications such as autonomous driving, personalised healthcare, smart cities, the Internet of Things and Economy 4.0. Conventional computer hardware is increasingly coming up against the inherent limits of energy efficiency in AI applications.

NeuroSys overcomes these limitations by developing neuro-inspired, so-called "neuromorphic", hardware that enables a significant leap in both energy efficiency and performance.